I teach workshops on creative writing as well as about the logistical life of the artist. My classes include:

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“This course is an absolute must for any writer trying to make their way through the muddled landscape of residencies and funding. Abeer’s critical eye helps writers get to the heart of what they want to say in a statement, and she offers practical guidance that is hard to find elsewhere. She is passionate and enthusiastic about new work, and her feedback to writers is invaluable. I learned a great deal in a very short period of time, and I wish I signed up sooner.” 

former student

“Abeer practices a very direct and effective approach to writing which can be summed up in her longstanding motto: “clarity first.” Her advice has transformed some of my work from convoluted structures and ideas into very succinct, well-formulated writing. One of the most beneficial aspects of her editorial guidance is that in reworking the pieces, I have emerged with much clearer understandings of my own thought processes. Once Abeer has entered into the process of editing, one can be assured that she will approach it with both honesty and the highest level of expertise.”

C.G. Founder, Center for Doula Pathways, BA History and African American Studies, Oberlin College; MA Anthropology of Media, University of London

“I got exactly what I came for in Abeer’s class – concrete tools to construct a snapshot of myself and my project for a residency application. Abeer was warm and supportive, and provided helpful and constructive feedback. As a woman of color taking her class, her informed experience and thoughts were greatly appreciated.”

former student

Abeer Hoque is a gifted writer with an exceptional eye for detail. She has been invaluable in my college career, from application essays to term papers. She is meticulous in her editing, suggesting improvements from punctuation all the way to paragraph sequencing. Abeer has helped me focus my essays by eliminating unclear sentences and unnecessary words. She is always keen to discuss my own opinions regarding her suggestions in order to reach a consensus and offers tips throughout the editing process to help me write better essays in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend her services and hope that all of you find them as rewarding as I have. P.S. She is also awesome just to chat with!

N.I. Analyst, E&Y, BA Economics, University of Pennsylvania; MBA, Wharton School of Business

“Abeer’s class packed in so much knowledge, while also helping me to get out of my head and get moving. This class gave me the kick and the confidence I was looking for to start regularly submitting.”

former student

“Abeer has a sharp eye, and a quick, incisive mind. She has the ability to get to the heart of what you’d like to say, clarify it for both you and your reader, and make it sound elegant. Abeer’s talent and intelligence make it look effortless, though we all know from our own experiences of trying to write a good, clear sentence that it is far from easy. She is a top-notch writer and editor, who can guide you through a project with grace, gentleness, and unrelenting rigour. Whatever you hand her, she’ll make it much, much better.”

N.H. Editor and Writer, Vervago, Editor and Proofreader, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, Ph.D. English, University of Montana

“Abeer’s careful guidance and insightful feedback meant that I left this class encouraged and ready to take on the no longer daunting task of sharing myself and my work. The magic of this class is that it is useful for writers at all stages in their careers.”

former student

“Abeer’s editing services offer a unique combination of top notch grammar and language skills, and an ability to apply a keen intelligence toward identifying the areas of the work that need strengthening, with concise direction on how to accomplish that. There isn’t a single important document, paper, or book I’ve worked on that hasn’t been notably improved by Abeer’s work. If you can get her, her editorial advice will offer enhancements to writing so that even the most complex ideas pop off the page in ways that resonate with readers.”

M.P. Dir. Special Projects, SOKA; BA History, San Francisco State University; MFA Writing, University of San Francisco

“I came away from Abeer’s class with concrete tools and a clear understanding of how to strengthen my residency and fellowship applications. In addition to instruction on craft, Abeer offered valuable insight into processes and systems to organize the business side of an artistic career. Thorough, generative, and practical, Abeer’s class gave me the inspiration and understanding to craft and submit my applications with confidence.”

former student

“Abeer’s Wharton background gives her a superb analytical eye, and her poetry and prose writing experience has made her a master of using language to convey emotion. With Abeer as your editor, you’ll have the best of both worlds. In an essay, every sentence counts, and Abeer will make sure you’re using your words to maximum effect, leaving a lasting impression on readers and setting you apart from other applicants.”

S.K. Author, BA English, University of Pennsylvania; JD Law, New York University; MFA Writing, University of Iowa; Fulbright Scholar

“I signed up for Abeer’s class hoping to leave with a strong artist statement and bio–I ended up not just with a polished statement that clarified and fully captured my experience and artistic work, but also with newfound confidence in my ability to apply for grants and put my work out there. Abeer’s warm and affirming approach, combined with her wealth of knowledge and experience, makes this class unique and valuable for writers and artists looking to take the next step in seeking grants and fellowships.”

former student

“If it weren’t for Abeer’s editing prowess, I probably would not have a job. She has edited my papers, applications, and letters for many years – and has always provided detailed feedback and comments on how to improve my writing. Not only does Abeer make sure the writing flows and the transitions make sense, she also checks for readability and clarity. Working with Abeer has really helped me because my academic writing is often very muddy and unintelligible. What I truly appreciate about her editing process is that she is fast (she has an incredible turnaround time) and she makes sure that the writing retains your own voice (in terms of style and rhythm). Her vast experience with many different kinds of scientific, technical, and scholastic writing helps to ensure that the work is appropriate for its audience and still seems to be effortlessly written.”

S.H. Assistant Professor, Drexel University, BA Engineering, Johns Hopkins University; MS Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; MA Architecture, UC Berkeley; Ph.D. Architecture, UC Berkeley

“I enrolled in Abeer’s course because I wanted advice on how to craft a strong personal statement. I left not only with concrete advice and feedback on how to strengthen my personal statement, but also practical tips on the submission process overall. Most of all, I left feeling more confident about my ideas and my instincts. An absolute gift! ”

former student

“Abeer Hoque is an excellent writer with a flair for clear, precise and elegant writing. She has the ability to explain complex ideas and technical concepts to readers with diverse backgrounds and interests.

She helped write up some of the data that I had gathered into a business case that appealed to a broad range of business readers. She was able to communicate the essence of difficult ideas to readers without sounding facile or diluting the analytical rigor of research.

When Abeer and I interviewed executives, I noticed that one of her strengths is her ability to listen and observe carefully and thereby grasp the context of the speaker and gain an insightful understanding of what was being said.

I am sure that given her writing skills, her attention to detail and her ability to relate to people, she will be a valuable resource as a writing coach.”

– R.A. Professor, Business, Johns Hopkins University; PhD, Business, The Stern School, NYU; MBA, IIM; BA, Osmania University